About Me

Hi I am Christine For years I have enjoyed buying, collecting and selling Vintage and Antiques items… No matter where I traveled I was intrigued by old relics and the history of things from yore. I traveled and displayed my goods at Flea Markets, Craft Shows and special shows whenever I could. Sometimes I even spent more than I made which by the way, you are not supposed to do, but I could pass up a good bargain and never regretted it. Now I like designing my own collection of jewelry, as you will see.
In addition to my hobby above I have a thirst for knowledge  regarding technology. I was always one for learning about anything I wanted to do. If I wanted to buy a car, I first got hired to sell cars so I knew all about what happened behind the scenes. If I wanted fancy clothes, I learned how to make my own. And then I got ribbed about my lack of knowledge about computers. I was like a bull in the china shop, it drove my son crazy. It was really frustrating at first but I finally learned how to put one together and got some help from my son.  I am always learning something – Languages, repairing something etc.         .
I now sell on Ebay under seniorsparky75  Stop by and check put my Christmas Spiders which come out in November every year

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