The Pressure is Mounting

We are under attack. After watching the Forgotten Genocide of Europe I cringed at the thought that we are getting so close to repeating history here in the United States. What is worse, is that somehow all Nations have been drawn into this conspiracy. No matter how hard they try to silence the people, a new wave of protestors appear to protect this Country from Tyranny.

When we were young, we learned about history not just of this country but of other Nations. Over-population was always the solution to start a war and deplete the numbers. It didn’t matter who was right or wrong. Inflation came and went. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer and kept at bay. Middle class Americans supported this country for years not the rich. However one thing remained Americans were proud of this country and many fought and died to protect it. That pride is not lost but is in danger, Will we survive, Will our future generation survive ,,,Only time will tell.

Are we really in danger

Since the beginning of time we have encountered many diseases such as Bubonic Plaque and other Plaques. We have had Measles. Chicken Pox, Palsy, Cancer and more. Many cures and remedies have been used with great success. In most instances just a little loving care and natural remedies kept us alive.

Now we are forced to believe that a New strain of a virus mimicking the flu, cold or even virus is so deadly that it may wipe out the human race. Yet when I check around and research the statistics, they don’t seem to add up. Been to hospitals that were not full, cemeteries that show no increase in burials but what I did find os false information fed to the public about this so called Pandemic.

The statics in deaths were mainly deaths due to natural causes, cancer, suicides, murder, accidents, pneumonia, 911 and Agent Orange (respiratory problems,) with a low percentage of deaths due this Corona Virus (COVID) This may sound strange but I think these are the true facts. It seems all deaths going into hospitals are classified as Covid not real cause of deaths.

Those who haven’t been sick survived because they lead a healthier life and know how to keep from getting sick despite what some medical people tend to think this is not possible.

Recent data doesn’t reveal the deaths caused by the vaccines which have really not been proven safe. Yet they want to herd everyone into getting them. Think before you get vaccinated Save your life and decline.


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Growing Up

I guess I could say that it started in my younger years. As I grew older, I was hurt by the remarks made about me for having thick curly hair and thick eyebrows. I must have been around 12 years old when it started to hit me. The boys at school used to make fun of my thick eyebrows. It seemed that this was going to keep me from being popular like the other girls. So eventually I decided to shave them off not realizing that what I did was permanent. So, from bushy eyebrows to no eyebrows did not help. Now I had a bigger problem. Trying to align fake eyebrows with a pencil was a problem. Sometimes one eyebrow was higher than the other or one was thicker than the other etc. Then there was the problem of the color I used which made a great difference. All this just to become popular. Very frustrating. With all that I still did not fit in. Why! because of my ethnicity. The whites stayed together; the few blacks kept together as well as the Spanish kids. With all this I was still able to have friends from all groups. One day, I decided to run away from the school and see what was out there. Was it going to be the same, would it be better I had to find out? So, I packed my clothes and started walking to the next town. A black woman saw me and gave me a ride. Back then we did not have the fear of being raped or killed like it is now. When she heard my plight, she let me know that a cousin of hers was going to Pittsburgh and she would take me with her. What a great idea, I was getting a chance to travel far away. No one would find me. It turned out to be a good move. They let me stay with them and helped me get a job cleaning houses. Aleen the woman who took me in integrated me into her family. They were so kind. We would go out together, go to parks and events. I did not pay attention to the fact that the places we went to were primarily black. I was having fun and these people were so caring. One day I was hooked up with one of their family’s son. He looked so handsome and dressed so neat.  We wen out for dinner and then to a Dance Club. All went well until it was time to go home. Instead he drove to an isolated spot and started to make advances. I was scared. He said he wouldn’t hurt me. I told him I didn’t want to have sex until I was married. What he said surprised me. He said we could get married and so he took me home to his and told his mother that I agreed to marry him. I was to sleep over and get married that week. In the  morning his mother pulled me aside before breakfast and asked if that was what I wanted. I broke out in tears and told her what happened. She was so furious and told her daughter to take me home. All I heard as I walked out the door was “William you come down here”. Never knew what happened after that. But I was glad he had an understanding mother. to be continued……

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Surviving on a Tight Budget

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Now I have one one simple mission: to spread what I have learned as I look forward to celebrating my 81st birthday. Mind you things were going well for many years I survived colds, flus, operations, and broken bones. In thee midst of all these things I realized that I needed to change aspects of my life if I wanted to live longer,  I changed my eating habits, exercised more, Took care of projects around the house including gardening,took on a hobby, stayed in touched with long time friends. socialized more and got plenty of rest. All seemed perfect…Then

Came the so-called Covid19. Now like most of us Americans was very concerned only by the fact that it was blown out of proportion and continued to get worse as we neared election day which made me believe that this was all a Political ploy. But then it also occurred to me that Our Amendments were being attacked and there appeared a possibility that we would lose them if we didn’t stay vigil.

I had to tighten my budget, eat healthier foods, maintain higher standards of cleanliness and practise more safety measures when I shopped or traveled. Isolation was not my idea of a fruitful enjoyable life.

We always had differences job inequality, racism, child abuse, rape, human trafficking, drugs, cartels etc. but no one did much about it. Sure they complained but did not really push to correct the problems, it was a slow process. We had great leaders like Martin Luther King (assassinated), Tucker Carlson (who recently died of natural causes), President Kennedy (assassinated), and President Reagan (an attempted assassination) to name a few that tried to make changes . Not until Trump got into office did America wake up. It was because of political animosity. He could not be bought and since the financials moguls ran this country that was acceptable. And so the battle begun and despite all that was thrown at Trump he continued to pursue his promise to the people to this date.  He continues to fight the battle against Drugs and the Cartel. Human Trafficking and Child Abuse’ and still take care of World Affairs. His quest is to make America safe and productive.

Sure, he is diamond in the rough. He comes from New York and his concern was to make money just like Lee Iacocca who had no real education but build his empire in the automobile industry . No one questioned his methods which may or may have been proper.

And yes his retaliation is crude but he is dealing with ruthless educated people who had no other interest but their own.  Since his election the people of this Nation were happy, things started to go in the right direction and certain factors didn’t like that. So underhandedly they grouped together to destroy him at the expense of this Great Nation. The citizens were starting to break free and become self-sufficient. Those that did not have were given more. Our Veterans were given respect and the help they needed. More people were able to own homes and more.

Now they want to take that Freedom away from you through violence and fear. I for one do not want to live under oppression, fear, or intimidation. I want to continue to be able to make my own choices.   How about you…..

Cancelled Appointment

I don’t know how many of you have had appointments cancelled without any notification and how you handled it. For me, years ago I would get furious, throw a tantrum and called and let the party, who cancelled the appointment, a piece of my mind. But as the years passed by I began to mellow. I asked myself why get so fluffed up over something I had no control over. Well recently I had my appointment cancelled without any notification. Now you have to realize that I left in plenty of time to get there on time. Also the temperature outside had already reached 93 degrees. I reached my point of destination and guess what, the door was locked. I checked my cell phone for the time to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. I called the doctors office and was given a different number to call and leave a message. I called that number and left a message. I the meantime someone comes to the door and asks who I am looking for. I explain and gave my doctors name. He said they had a training session and had to cancel. I said I didn’t receive any notice. So instead of getting mad, I strolled across the street to the nearby Drugstore and walked around to cool off, checked my time and proceeded to catch my transportation home and called it a day.  Just before boarding my transportation I got a call from I thought was my doctor – Seems it wasn’t my doctor’s number I was given but some Principal from a school. Oh Well! When I got home and had a wonderful lunch. Maybe I think I will call the doctor in six months, it wasn’t like I had a reason to visit except that my insurance company requested I stay in touch with my doctor.

The moral: Don’t stress change it into a positive thing

Wrong Decisions

When they enlisted  in the military service they were not asked if they were transgenders, they were accepted because of their willingness to fight for this country. Those that served fought hard for our country and our freedom. Some survived, others died. Now Trump and those elitists want to change that and not accept them anymore. How dare they! This is our country you serve at our pleasure and we the people decide and right now you are making it very hard for us to accept any decisions being made.We can read between the lines. Stop the irresponsible decisions and get down to what needs to be repaired.

Since I wrote this things have changed maybe they realized we need all the man/woman power we need. Sadly though we are engulfed in some negotiations that will either prove fatal or beneficial. The only problem is, the combatants are our people, who cannot come to terms.

Spider Ants

One of the most annoying things is having these little critters that pop up on my computer or my kitchen counter top. They move so fast that it is hard to to catch them. I have tried almost everything. Oil with soap and essential oils, Advanced, ant traps, nothing worked. Until today someone told me about chlorine. I knew about getting rid of spiders with Clorox mix but not chlorine.You make a 50/50 mix and spray all over but don’t spray your plants or grass it will kill them. However it will kill the grass on your driveway, clean the outside of your house and of course those pesky little suckers. Yeah!

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