About Me

For years I have enjoyed buying, collecting and selling Vintage and Antiques items… I was intrigued by old relics and the history of things from yore. So whenever I traveled I would stop and check out roadside sales, flea Markets, estate sales and yard sales. Sometimes I would even venture into  local antique shops. My collection grew so much that by the time I retired I had more than I needed. Now I am selling my collection piece by piece and re-purposing the broken ones. It is amazing what you can create. I will eventually be posting some of these as time goes by.
I have a thirst for knowledge and constantly do a lot of research on Holistic Medicine, Foods and herbs for longevity, history of jewelry and antiques and a lot more.  I learned buy a car by becoming a car salesman, made and designed my own clothes. And because I got ribbed about my lack of knowledge about computers, I took courses because it drove my son crazy. It was really frustrating at first but I finally learned how to put one together and got some help from my son.  So as I get older I strive to keep busy and healthy and look forward to my 80th birthday in two years.

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