Feeling Autumn

I woke up this morning with a cool breeze coming from my window. I jumped out of bed, stretched my limbs and proceeded to make breakfast. The coolness made me want to make a nice bowl of oatmeal with raisins, fresh cinnamon, brown sugar, and a dash of half and half. Yes, I said half and half; it has more body to than milk plus I feel I can digest it better. Then I thought a nice slice of 5 grain bread toasted would be nice smothered with light coat of that Irish Butter and homemade jam. Before I sat down to partake of this healthy warm breakfast I made my pumpkin spice coffee and let it brew while I ate my bowl of oatmeal. Mmm each warm spoonful traveled though my throat and slid down into my tummy warming me all over. As I ate I looked out into the yard and watched and listened to the birds. The wind started to kick up a little and blew down my umbrella as I watched.

As I ate my breakfast, I recalled also a recent visit to a friends house where I celebrated my birthday a week ago. They must have had mental telepathy because they served me a wonderful breakfast with all the things I liked, oatmeal prepared the way I liked it, toasted English muffins, a small bowl of fruit and of course coffee. Sharing is so much a part of my life whether it is with family or friends.  I hope it is of yours too.

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