Enjoying What you Have

Lately I have been hearing about peoples disappointments, trials and tribulations but rarely do I  hear words of praise, thankfulness or forgiveness. My life was not exactly what I had hoped for. And to tell the truth I didn’t know what was ahead of me. As children we usually only think of the comforts we have, the love we receive and that ours needs are met. They may be simple things but nonetheless very comforting.

I remember some summers where we woke up early and prepared to go to a park to spend the day swimming at a lake and having picnics nearby. Sometimes we would go a campground and spend a week there learning all about nature and how to survive. There was never a dull moment. Most certainly we had more fun than searching for things in the woods, picking berries and roasting marshmallows than staying home watching the boob tube, on the computer or on a cell phone or IPad. Yes Life seamed to be much simpler then. The fact that I was not with my family saddened me but I tried not to think of it. I tried to integrate myself with the families they fostered me out to. In that area there were many disappointments. I finally ended up in a Catholic School for Orphaned or unwanted children. I always wondered why my parents didn’t want to keep me. The thought didn’t consume me but the questions were still there.

I didn’t grow up bitter but I swore that I would not do the same to my children, a promise I was not able to keep for one of my children. Not getting any help from anyone, I had to make a tough decision. I had to leave one of my children with their father because I couldn’t care for both. I had hoped that he would take good care of her. It was not an easy decision and one that is hard to make. Then I realized how hard it must have been for my parents as well. They both died at an early age with most of my siblings spread apart not to be reunited for some 50 years later. To be continued…

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