Growing Old

There are any stories about seniors retiring early. You may hear or know of those who retired with enough income to live lavishly, some with enough income to live comfortably, those who didn’t save enough and went back to work and then there are those who either didn’t make enough to save, lost their pensions because of mis-management by the companies or Unions they worked for  or had the knowledge of how to invest for the future.

There are many ways people squandered their money, smoking, drugs, gambling And then there were those who gambled all their money looking for that lucky streak instead of investing for lack of knowledge.

Rich or poor, no matter what ethnic group, the family structure has changed. Families split apart because of employment, status, environment or other reasons. All in all what remained was the need for families to stick together and protect each other. We enjoyed the family reunions, occasional visits during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, deaths or an occasional pop in to see if everyone was okay.

As I talk to people today I have begun to notice that more people are searching for their families and hoping they can be re-united again. Some just hope they had something more to do then stay home and watch TV or listen to the radio. Maybe just someone who would stop by and say hello or share a meal instead of to rob  or abuse them. It is sad to go to a Rehab Center and see the loneliness and emptiness of those left there with no one to see them. You see the same in Hospice, Food Centers etc. There are some Senior Centers available with activities for them but they are usually out of reach.

We have children, seniors and families who legitimately are starving, homeless or have no medical care here in our country. Most walk around with no teeth because of poor diets. I don’t remember seeing much of this when I was young, we were taught to help others. What has happened to this world?

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