A Bucket List Wish

For many years I have traveled some throughout The United States and manage to collect many things. Antique and vintage jewelry, clothing, furniture and art works and more. One that I found very drawn to and researched was a Frederick ‘Sack’ Remington print wash of a soldier on a horse. This one was unusual and appeared to be one of his first works that survived the fire that destroyed most of his works. How this person managed to save it no one knows. I understand he did do a couple of his own prints in his early years,

For the past 16 years or more since I purchased it, I read all the books and material on his works and the varied signatures. It seemed he rarely signed his works the same way. And yes I also found that some artists copied his works. But the signature on this wash works appears to be his. There was an inscription under his signature that said “with my compliments to Troop A 1st Cavalry 1898 . And there was such a unit.  I would like to save enough money to go to the Remington Museum and stay long enough to get it authenticated and to see his hometown. At 77, I hope to get there somehow. Love some feedback

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